Schooled – Flash Fiction For 11/1/13

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Photo Copyright Douglas M.  MacIlroy

Photo Copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy


Samantha listened patiently to Tabitha’s rant.

“Another Halloween and I have nobody to go out and celebrate with. Why is finding someone so hard?”

“What happened to Charlie?”

“He wanted space. I gave it to him.”


“Ugh. All he wanted was sex.”


“Too needy.”


“He hit on my girlfriends.”




“Emotionally unavailable.”


“Major nerd.”




“Too much body hair.”


“Too controlling.”


“Personal hygiene issues.”



Samantha shook her head and stared down into the teeming koi pond.

“Don’t worry Tabitha. There are plenty of fish left in the sea.”

18 responses to “Schooled – Flash Fiction For 11/1/13

  1. There may be plenty of fish in the sea but I’ve a feeling your character might exhaust them all before finding the right one… Still no harm in persevering. 🙂
    Nice story Ron.

  2. What a delightful story!!! No excess baggage either — just cut right to the quick with the rapid-fire conversation.

    I hate to say it, but I found quite a few of those faults sounding very familiar. Matches several on my own list. I guess I’ve just been swimming around in the wrong fish pond.

    Nice work, Ron.

  3. Not sure that she’s ever going to find anyone to fit the bill. Nicely don Ron, loved the ending
    (PS I am having great difficulty ‘Liking’ any of the stories this week, must be a glitch somewhere)

  4. To paraphrase Brody: “I think that girl’s going to need a bigger net.” Nicely told tale of pickiness carried to the extreme.

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