Ron Pruitt is a former  newspaper journalist and college teacher who is the author of two novels, As The Crow Flies and Down By The River, and a collection of short stories, Meth Lab and Other Stories. He lives with his wife Ann and way too many cats on an Ozark ridge near Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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    • Hi Lime,
      That’s so nice of you. I’ve only been blogging since December, so I’m still a novice, and I probably don’t realize the import of what you’ve done. I’ll go take a look at the explanation. Looking forward to reading your flash this Friday. I’m furiously trying to figure one out. Guess it will have to be doggerel!

  1. i’m thinking of submitting a short story to a philadelphia magazine contest. which do you think might be the strongest?

    the accident – dead guy not really dead
    the sweeper – custodian creates universe
    white cotton – male escort
    better days – grandfather meets death in an old house
    the bus stop – single mom tries blackmail

    thanks a bunch

    • Hi Rich, I think I’ve read them all except for The Bus Stop, which sounds like a great premise. Of what I’ve read, I think the Accident is the best choice overall, with The Sweeper a close and very creative second. Good luck! Ron

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