Never, Never, Ever Give Up


1919 – Walt Disney is fired from his newspaper job for lacking imagination.


1926 – Lucille Ball is told by her acting  coach that she’s wasting “her time and ours.”


1936 – John F. Kennedy runs for president of the Harvard freshman class,  and loses.


1960s – Steven Spielberg is rejected by the film school at USC.

beatles early days

1962 – The Beatles are rejected by Decca Records.


1973 – Hillary Clinton fails the District of Columbia bar exam.

Oprah Winfrey
1977 – Oprah  Winfrey is fired from her news job for being too emotionally involved.

1985 – Steve Jobs is fired from the Macintosh division of Apple.th73JMV7IZ

1996 – J.K. Rowling is turned down 12 times for her Harry Potter manuscript.

Never, never, ever give up.



Marilyn, My Marilyn

The real Marilyn. This photo was taken by Bert Stern just six weeks before her death. A copy of the photo is estimated to be wroth about $3,000.

The real Marilyn. This photo was taken by Bert Stern just six weeks before her death. A copy of the photo is estimated to be wroth about $3,000.

Who is the most iconic movie star of all time? Stupid question. I’ll bet you already know. There’s really not much competition.

The legend that is Marilyn Monroe just keeps growing. No other movie actor, living or dead, has her fame. Though she died fifty years ago this year, her celebrity endures. Other stars have faded, but Marilyn keeps shining like a supernova.

The proof? Marilyn has been resurrected more times than anyone else by far, at least 25 different times—and counting. Nobody else has been so widely imitated, but never duplicated. Here’s a list of all the reincarnations of Marilyn that I found.


Michelle Williams earned an Oscar nomination for her role as Monroe in My Week With Marilyn.


Ashley Judd play the young Marilyn in Norma Jean and Marilyn in 1996.


Mira Sorvino played the older Marilyn in the same movie.


Lindsey Lohan recreated the 1962 Marilyn photo shoot for a cover for New York magazine.


Nicole Kidman did a photo shoot as Marilyn for the cover of Australian Harper’s Bazaar in 2008.


Misty Rowe of TV’s Hee-Haw, did two movies about Marilyn, Goodbye Norma Jean and Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn.


Anna Nicole Smith was Marilyn in an advertising campaign for PETA.

catherine hicks

Cathine Hicks played Monroe in 1980 in the TV movie Marilyn: The Untold Story.

Melody Anderson was Marilyn in the 1993 film, Marilyn and Bobby, Her Final Affair.


Barbara Niven had the part of Marilyn in the 1998 made for TV movie The Rat Pack.

poppy montgomery

Australian actress Poppy Montgomery had the part of Marilyn in the mini series Blonde in 2000.

sophie monk

Another Australian actress, Sophie Monk portrayed Marilyn in 2004’s The Mystery of Natalie Wood.


charlotee sullivan

Charlottte Sullivan was Marilyn in the 2011 TV movie The Kennedys.


Pam Anderson dressed up as Marilyn for an appearance on Dancing With The Stars.


On Gossip Girl, Blake Lively did an number as Marilyn.


Jennifer Lopez appeared as Marilyn on Tonight to sing a birthday song for George Lopez.

susand griffiths

Susan Griffiths was Marilyn in the movie Marilyn and Me.


Mariah Carey mimiced Marilyn for her music video I Still Believe.


Lucille Ball dolled up as Marilyn for an episode of I Love Lucy.


Madonna morphed into Marilyn for her music video Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

naomi watts blonde

Naomi Watts plays Marilyn in the yet to be released movie Blonde.

connie sex symbol

Connie Stevens played a thinly disguised Marilyn in The Sex Symbol.


Uma Thurman is one of three different actresses who portrayed Marilyn on the recent TV drama Smash.


24, Katharine McPhee also played Marilyn on Smash.


25. And Megan Hilty was the third actress to portray Marilyn on Smash.