Regis – Flash Fiction For 11/8/13

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Photo Copyright Al Forbes

Photo Copyright Al Forbes


Regis Philbin and I casually strolled through his new palatial mansion. We came to an ornate door with a Roman face carved above it.

“What’s this?”

Regis puffed with pride.

“Me as a young emperor.”

“Or you at toga parties at Notre Dame.”

“You do know Regis means king.”

“And what does Philbin mean?”

“Lover of horses. I majored in animal husbandry. Until they caught me at it.”


Next morning. The wife handed me a steaming mug and asked how I slept.

“Fine, except for a weird dream.”

“You have to stop eating those spicy Italian sub sandwiches at bedtime.”

17 responses to “Regis – Flash Fiction For 11/8/13

  1. Animal husbandry and sausage/onion sandwiches… I’m not sure which conjurs up the most unappealing images, but well done for managing to get two such in the same 100 word piece. Masterful!

  2. I have some strange dreams too. I’m glad you woke up before Regis started explaining how to stump-train the horses. Next time, try a bowl of ice cream before bedtime.

  3. I love the surrealism of dreams. I once dreamed I was on a road trip with James Earl Jones as the navigator, and we were lost, and I kept asking him if he knew we were going, and all he kept replying was “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

  4. Haahaa! Now whenever I hear “Animal Husbandry”, I’ll think of you and giggle. 😛
    Now about those dreams – I once had a dream that I was at a Norway airport and “Old Blue Eyes” Frank Sinatra was standing on the tarmac, eating green beans with his fingers from a tin can. Don’t recall eating a spicy Italian sub before bed…

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