The Cat Came Back

Silver in fatter times

Most of the way-too-many cats we have here at the compound are strays. A few years ago, a part Tonkinese with bright baby blue eyes showed up one day and we took him in and Ann named him Silver. Silver was a skinny cat when he came here, but he soon filled out and you could usually find him lying around on the deck.

Then, in June 2011, he disappeared. It’s always troubling when a cat comes up missing. You don’t know what happened, but you’re fearful it’s something like coyotes or a poisonous snake. Often, when cats vanish, you never find out why.

Then, in September 2011, I walked outside one day and a strange cat was out on the deck. He was a ratty looking emaciated seal point. I told Ann a new cat had showed up. She came out and said, “That’s Silver.” He was in such bad shape, I hadn’t recognized him. He’d been gone about three months.

Silver fattened up again. He lay around all day on the deck. He seemed really glad to be back home. Then, in early May of this year he disappeared again. This time, we weren’t quite so worried, given his history. Three times in June, we saw him as we were driving by an abandoned property about a quarter of a mile away. We stopped and tried to catch him, but he ran from us.

This morning, he was back, slimmed down after two months of being lost, meowing his head off. He came in the house as soon as the door was opened this morning. He was really hungry, ate all he could and right now he’s laying on the deck about six feet from the front door.

If you have an Asian cat, a Siamese, Balinese, Tonkinese, there’s something you might like to know. We think their sense of direction isn’t as good as other breeds and that they easily get lost.

But our cat came back and there’s cause for celebration. Sometimes life gives you happy endings.