Seven Things You Might Not Know About Me


I’m finally going to respond to my millions of adoring fans who have been clamoring for more information about me. As much as I despise celebrity worship, I think those of us who have lived fascinating lives have an obligation to share some of the oddball highlights with the common people.

  1. When I was a reporter, I broke to the whole world the story of Mr. Ed’s death. I was living in Tahlequah, Oklahoma at the time and I knew Mr. Ed had retired there (literally put out to pasture) and I contacted his owner to do a feature on how his golden years were going and I learned that Mr. Ed had died just a few days before. The story went national, and Saturday Night Live interviewed Mr. Ed’s widow.


  1. My middle name is Reo, and it was also my dad’s middle name, and I have no idea where it came from. I published a shape shifter novel under the pen name Ronald Reo.


  1. One of my Pruitt ancestors was a spy during the Revolutionary War for Gen. George Washington.


  1. I had polio when I was twelve and it stunted the growth of my legs. I think I would have been several inches taller without the polio.


  1. I was the class poet at my high school. There was a competition to write the class poem and my ditty won. The school held a baccalaureate ceremony and I got to read my poem to the assembled senior class. However, just before I went on, the sound system failed and when I read my poem, I don’t think anyone heard it. Looking back on it now, it was a sappy, crappy poem and I don’t think it was much of a loss for my classmates.


  1. One of my short stories was published in Portugal as part of a program to teach English to high school students, so I’m also famous in Portugal.


  1. I’ve hung out with Gary Busey (Teddy Jack Eddie) and Gailard Sartain (Mazeppa Poppazoidi). This will probably only make sense to you if you were living in Tulsa in the 60s or 70s.