Let My People Sit

Have you ever seen a Walmart checker sitting down? Bet you haven’t, unless she was on a break or lunch hour. Same goes for Target, K-Mart, supermarkets, convenience stores and all the retail outlets out there.

Why don’t these employers allow checkers to sit? Do they think their brains are in their asses? That’s where the brains of the people who run those places must be. The human spine isn’t meant to stand on a hard surface all day long. Some of these checkers are older than dirt and their backbones must already be in bad shape.

A long time ago, my wife Ann worked as a checker at Handy Dan. She discovered that all the check-out stations had a built in seat for the checker that you could slide out. She and the other checkers decided to start using them. Just a few days later, she came to work to find management had removed all the seats.

I think retail management is mean -spirited. If they want to prove me wrong, let the people sit. They’ll be fresher, cheerful, happy and grateful, and it would show a measure of mercy and thoughtfulness that is rare in retail.

Stand up for your employees. Let them sit.