Recipe For Murder – Flash Fiction For 2/14/14

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Photo Copyright Janet Webb

Photo Copyright Janet Webb

Want to avoid the hassle of Valentine’s Day with someone you no longer love? Want to be free of an unwanted relationship? Maybe you’ve found a new valentine and are ready to move on? Concoct this appealing, but deadly beverage. Start with eight ounces of hearty sangria. Jazz it up by adding chunks of fresh strawberries, peach and pineapple. Add one tablespoon of anti-freeze and stir in thoroughly. Serve chilled. Repeat daily for about a week. After a few days, you’ll notice redness around the eyes and blue patches on the face. Get ready for the best Valentine’s Day ever!

32 responses to “Recipe For Murder – Flash Fiction For 2/14/14

  1. You absolutely MUST read “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. Trust me on this, darling.
    This was a clever satire.

  2. Good story. “Very descriptive.” That’s one way to say goodbye. Wouldn’t it be easier and safer for all concerned if she just said “Goodbye”? Someone might see he’s very ill and take him to the hospital where he’s saved.

  3. Ha!ha!Originally I had thought of going this route-glad decided against it Ron cos your piece is so perfectly balanced-I couldn’t have done it better:-)Wonder what one would do though if they had a non-drinker like me as an old girlfriend,lol!

  4. Unfortunately, if your victim also notices the “redness around the eyes and blue patches on the face”, you may be spending your “best Valentine’s Day ever” in the pokey. By the way, if you’re thinking of submitting this recipe for inclusion in a new cookbook, I’d appreciate it if you’d email the title ASAP. Thanks!

  5. Hmm . . . I’ve been tallying a body count this week, but I’m not sure how many marks to put you down for, Ron. Brilliant, really, choosing to provide the recipe for all those who have been unlucky in love.

    Marie Gail (who, just to be safe, lifts her glass to her lips without taking a drink)

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