Frost Was Wrong – Flash Fiction For 1/17/14

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Photo Copyright Erin Leary

Photo Copyright Erin Leary

Frost Was Wrong

The river used to flow through my meadow. I let my neighbor water his herd there. Then the river channel shifted onto his land. I drove the cattle to the river, like always, but a fence blocked our path to the water. The cattle were thirsty. They lowed and gazed longingly across the fence at the water, not understanding what had happened. I angrily drove the tractor into the rails between two posts and they cracked, splintered and fell to the ground. The cows trotted through the opening and slaked their thirst contentedly. Sometimes, good fences don’t make good neighbors.

19 responses to “Frost Was Wrong – Flash Fiction For 1/17/14

  1. Sometimes you’ve just got to take matters into your own hands. I found the image of those cattle gazing longingly at the water quite moving. Nicely done Ron.

  2. mending wall. wrecking wall. let the neighbor wars begin 🙂 i also enjoyed the mental image of the cattle as they happily drank from the river

  3. Well you can read your Emily Dickinson and I my Robert Frost … but obviously that Frost guy was nuts! Okay, you read your Emily Dickinson and I’ll watch “Duck Dynasty.”

  4. Some folks don’t know how to be a neighbor. Last year I had a conversation with a guy who had bought 300 acres on the King’s River near Marble. He had no idea that things he was doing were offensive to the people who lived on the adjacent property. In a rural setting, it’s critical that you get along with your neighbors. Your story is a classic example. Well done, my friend.

  5. Interesting take on the prompt, because you are right. It looks just like a field fence seen just before dawn – and yes, those ranchers are a hard bunch. I bet that neighbour was waiting to charge you a nice hefty fee for the use of the water. Once upon a time, there were no fences….at least that’s what the old cowboys tell us.

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