Clean Freak – Flash Fiction For 12/13/13

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Photo Copyright Adam Ickes

Photo Copyright Adam Ickes

Clean Freak

Fastidious to a fault, Alicia had a thing about wearing shoes into the house. Everyone was required to leave footwear outside. It got worse. The furniture was swaddled with wrap. Disinfectant saturated the air. Microbe zapping lights radiated 24/7.

Alicia washed her hands a hundred times a day. She wouldn’t touch doorknobs, eating utensils, bed clothes, knobs, faucets, or anything in the bathroom. She wore rubber gloves, a face mask, and goggles over her eyes. For years, she’d successfully survived inside against the germ infested outdoors.

When an infra-red lamp set the place ablaze, she stayed. Fire is very cleansing.

22 responses to “Clean Freak – Flash Fiction For 12/13/13

  1. I couldn’t imagine living like that. I wonder if she thought “no pain, no gain” when the fire was “cleansing” her. Poor misguided Alicia. I hope no one ever told her that her body has ten times more bacteria cells than human cells. That would have surely sent her over the edge.

  2. You were on fire with this one, Ron. 🙂 Reminds me of a relative many years ago who used to cover the “good” furniture with that plastic that made sitting on it so uncomfortable, especially in hot weather. Not that the kids were allowed in the living room. We were all relegated to the basement which was, to be fair, finished, not a FF cellar.


  3. Ron, you found the perfect woman for Howard Hughes! If only it weren’t so late and he weren’t dead you could have fixed him up and inherited a bundle! Instead you’re hanging out with the likes of me. But it was a fun story which nicely took off from the prompt and never looked back til the very cool last line.

  4. Yes,I have heard of many people who get a little like that and make everybody’s life impossible!This is a fantastic take on the prompt and what an end,wow!At least now everyone is cleansed -of her 😉

  5. Great take, Ron. Shoes outside the house do recall all the many different intricacies that people have. My husband, for example, puts shoes in the laundry room, often without people knowing it, because, well, because that’s where they belong! When people are ready to leave they can’t find their shoes!

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