Name Your Weather


We had a little rain storm come through last week. I named it Buford. This morning there was widespread fog and I quickly came up with a moniker for it, Spooky.  By late in the morning the sun, or Bubba as I now call it, came out and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze out of the south that I refer to as Zippy.

In fact, I now name as aspects of the weather and I have to say it’s made more feel more familiar with it. It wasn’t my idea. The Weather Channel came up with it. They started naming winter storms, giving them masculine names like Brutus that made them sound fierce and dangerous.

Of course, hurricanes have been named for a long time, first with only women’s names, and later, to be gender correct, for men too. But nothing else ever got names, so I have to applaud the Weather Channel for coming up with an innovative idea. I just think they stopped a little short of its full potential.

Why not go ahead and slap names on all weather events? If we’re going to be fair, why should hurricanes be named while tornados, floods, earthquakes, waterspouts, tidal waves, and sink holes have to remain anonymous? For that matter, why not just apply the concept to every weather type, big and small? Local weather people could get in on the fun. I can just hear my favorite TV weatherman saying, “We had frost last night, and I’m calling it Fritz, and Bubba will be rising tomorrow at 6:15 and Junie is in a waning gibbous phase right now.”

But whatever happens, I’m going to continue to give names to the weather. I see some clouds are beginning to drift in from the west. I think I’ll call them Puff Buddies.

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