The Session – Flash Fiction For 11/22/13

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Photo Copyright Sean Fallon

Photo Copyright Sean Fallon

The Session -100 Words

“Describe your boyfriend,” said the therapist.

“All scattered out,” she said. “I doubt he’ll ever be able to get it together.”

“Do you love him?”

“I love his handsome face and sculpted body, but he’s a real airhead.”

“How’s your communication?”

“He gives me the silent treatment all the time.”

“Does he support you financially?”

“He used to be in the fashion biz. But now he’s on the street.”

“How’s the sex?”

“Non-existent. He’s not physically equipped to satisfy a woman.”

“I have to be honest with you. Not much hope for this relationship.”

“I knew it. I’m no dummy.”

19 responses to “The Session – Flash Fiction For 11/22/13

  1. Is there a support group for mannequin love/lust?

    She shouldn’t feel too bad, though. A couple of my ex’s have less brains in their heads than this poor cut-up mannequin 😉

  2. Dear Ron,

    I don’t really see much hope for that relationship either. Perhaps she could a nice scarecrow or full size teddy bear. Much easier to cuddle up with, although brains are still pretty non-existent. Good one. Lots of pun. Made me laugh.



  3. Witty! I would like to be a fly on the therapist’s couch when he discovers she’s dating a REAL dummy! I have heard of people who have fallen in love with objects – like tables and write them love letters, so at least this is obsession LOOKS like a human.

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