Time Signature – Flash Fiction For 10/25/13

This week’s story is a flash sequel to a short story I wrote titled Mozart In The 21st Century, in which Mozart is transported to the present and becomes a rock star. The story was picked up from the Story Star website by a publisher in Portugal and is now included in a reader used by Portuguese high school students learning English. The original story is still available at StoryStar.com.

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Photo Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Time Signature

The old musician had disassembled the keyboard and was staring at it dumbfounded. He looked at me with exasperation. Adjustment to his new century had been difficult.

“I was going to tune it,” he said in archaic German, “but there are no strings.”

My archaic German was limited. I was a time travel guide, not a linguist.

So I called in another subject, one I had swept across the gulf of centuries, a fellow musician who spoke his language, a brilliant mind who’d quickly grasped the wonders of technology and could explain it to the old man.

“Ludwig, meet Wolfgang.”

22 responses to “Time Signature – Flash Fiction For 10/25/13

  1. Dear Ron,

    This story is one I want to read. Will be investigating the link to StoryStar. Very cool to have those two one one page and in the same room simultaneously. Love it, love it, love it.

    Rock me Amadeus!



  2. Dear Ron,

    Nice to know the history behind this. Congratulations. I’ll have to look up the original story. I certainly enjoyed this well imagined one. No doubt there would be challenges for Herr Mozart. Well done.



    PS I have unlinked your boo-boo so you’re down to one link. 😉

  3. Such a cool idea! Those Portuguese high schoolers have a neat-sounding story to help them learn English — and learn that Mozart rocks any music, any century. But not so much technology. I love that Beethoven was called in as the geek squad!

  4. Once again, you had me laughing, but I still just enjoyed the insanity of the time travel guide and the poor musician and the perplexity the situation created. What I just wrote didn’t make any sense. Oh well. I also want to add that my husband want to join that Trekie Dating site. He is already in love the the Blonde…

  5. I assume the time travel guide can book a traveler to any date future or past. What an interesting concept. Congratulations have a story used to teach English in another country. I wonder if they’d be interested in learning Hillbillese?

  6. Ron, this is wonderful! I can see why this was picked up. Congratulations! And I just bet Mozart would be a quick learner and not phased by our technology. He would probably just roll with it.

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