A Horse Laugh – Flash Fiction for 10/18/13

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Photo Copyright Janet M. Webb

Photo Copyright Janet M. Webb

One dark and stormy day, a beautiful princess named Janet went shopping. She loaded her cart with many wondrous and delicious things, everything the royal family would need to keep them happy. But when she pushed the cart out the door, it was raining buckets. The parking lot was flooded. My family is counting on me,  she thought. I have to get through this deluge. But, strong as she was, Princess Janet couldn’t ford the raging waters. Wet and exhausted, she summoned her very strong horse who carried the supplies home. The moral: Don’t get the cart before the horse.

22 responses to “A Horse Laugh – Flash Fiction for 10/18/13

  1. 🙂 You’re perfectly right, of course. But they don’t like you dragging horses up and down the aisles – well not over here anyway. Nice take on the prompt Ron.

  2. lol that’s such a weird modern fairytale. i can imagine the things in the shopping cart… heavy loaves of bread, cheese, canned geese and a microwavable boar’s head…. nice setting. 🙂

  3. Dear Ron,

    I love it when an author commits his heart and soul to the writing in order to sell the last line…and you did…and I’m still smiling here. Well done. I like that you used Princess Janet. Has a nice ring to it. Hate to imagine what sort of pun this is going to cause Rochelle to write in her comment. Averting my eyes now.



  4. Dear Ron,

    First I groaned. Then I laughed. Then I groaned some more. Sounds like Princess Janet (we are not worthy) loaded her cart with hot-crossed puns. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for the early morning giggles.



  5. A royally good and clever story, Ron, from the first phrase as a twist on the original to the last sentence doing the same. I’m glad Princess Janet took a photo of the parking lot before she heaped her purchases on that strong horse. And that family of hers better be thankful for the sacrifice she went through to get those wondrous and delicious things!

  6. Remember Fractured Fairy Tales on the Rocky & Bullwinkle show? This gave me flashbacks of my childhood watching black & white TV. My hat’s off to you, buddy. This is a classic!

  7. I was wondering who would use the dark and stormy night. Turns out it was you. I guess that means you win the prize. You get to carry Princess Janet’s groceries. Congrats.

  8. Good grief, darling! Methinks you went to the Fozzie Bear school of comedy as well (there have been some stone cold puns this week — Linda’s Al Gore joke will tickle your funny bone)

  9. She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed thanks her loyal subject Ron for his wonderfully amusing story about her and her amazing horse Sunday, who did bring home not only the bacon but many other delicacies to the royal family (who are appropriately appreciative.) She thanks all those subjects who also enjoyed said story and wishes only the best for them under her benevolent reign (or rein, depending upon where they are.)

    Princess Janet

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