Hoyt And Ida May Across The Pond – Flash Fiction For 10/11/13

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Photo Copyright Sandra Crook

Photo Copyright Sandra Crook

Hoyt And Ida May Across The Pond

“Where’s everbody?” asked Ida May. “You promised me a show.”

Hoyt hooked a thumb under the galus of his overalls, shrugged and stared up at the Roman amphitheater

“Makes no sense. A big ass playhouse and no pickers.”

“Things is so confounded over here. I miss my good old country music,” Ida whined, tossing her bubble hairdo.

“I could ask that one over there when the show starts.”

“Won’t do no good. She probably don’t even speak no American.”

“Let’s just go back into town and see if they’s any hamburger joints.”

“I told you we shoulda gone to Branson.”

19 responses to “Hoyt And Ida May Across The Pond – Flash Fiction For 10/11/13

  1. Dear Ron,

    And all over Europe, people are breathing a sigh as Hoyt and Ida get back on the bus.

    You captured the sad truth about some ‘Mericans’ in your caricature. Better watch out though. I think Rochelle has a bone of contention stuck in her throat and she’s headed your way.



  2. Dear Ron,

    I’m sure I know these people. They came into my bakery and asked to git a cake wrote on. Bet they have ten teeth between them. Right?

    You painted vivid and believable images in few words. Good job. Love it.



  3. Y’all sure are cruel to us upstanding Americans. Should have booked a tour, though. Goddam that Rick Steves. He tells everyone to go it on there own, like they really could make their way across Europe. Fortunately, there are lots of hamburger joints all over the world now. Pretty disappointing, because you have to search to fine authentic food in a lot of places…

  4. Thank you for changing the names to Hoyt and Ida May. Everyone who follows Friday Fiction probably figured out it was really Russell and Connie. They just don’t know how to play a banjo and mandolin and never even heard of Earl & Lester over there.

  5. I thought these might be characters from an American TV sitcom, like the Beverley Hillbillies, and googled the names. Now I think they ought to be characters from an American sit com! I must admit, having lived in Paris for over 10 years, I did occasionally come across some ladies and gents like this, ahem … Love the Bev Hills! Ann

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