The Estate Sale – Flash Fiction For 9/6/13

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Photo Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The Estate Sale

“How much for the knick knacks?” a Mexican woman asked.

“Take the whole thing for a hundred,” said the man running the estate sale, snatching a valuable Roseville vase from a little girl who had picked it up.

“How about thirty?”

“I couldn’t let it go for that. My mom spent a lifetime collecting those trinkets. I could do eighty.”


“Some of those items are highly collectible. She treasured it. Sixty?”

“How about fifty, with the shelves?”

The man turned and yelled down the hall.

“Mom, would you take fifty for your junk?”

“Sell it,” a distant voice creaked.

29 responses to “The Estate Sale – Flash Fiction For 9/6/13

  1. Dear Ron,

    After I picked myself off the floor from falling off my chair laughing, I wiped away my tears and read it again. Dare I say this was priceless? You nailed the dialogue, I could even see him, engrossed in the haggling while taking the vase from the little girl. Stellar writing, Sir. I doff my birthday hat to you.



  2. Dear Ron,

    The build up to the sale was perfect and then to hit us with the clincher question to mom and her swift answer. A Masterpiece. I laughed aloud and am still smiling. Have you noticed it is those who have lived a long time that begin to slough off treasure in favor of watching the days?

    I dearly loved you story.



  3. Maybe value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I enjoyed the back-and-forth dealing here, and you wrapped it up beautifully with Mom’s to-the-point answer. That her voice creaked is perfect. I pictured her sitting in a rocking chair in a bedroom down a oddly long hallway. Great story!

  4. As they say in Boston (or so I”m told), “That was wicked good.”
    (Sorry, darling, but a friend just moved to Boston, and the Countess has been driving me nuts talking like a Red Sox hooligan from Southie all week)

  5. Ron,
    I love how it sounds as if mom isn’t even around anymore and these are dear treasures to him. A poor son selling off mom’s precious things only to hear him call her stuff crap in the end and to find out she is alive and could care less about the price. Great work. You out did yourself this week.

  6. This reminds me of pricing things at my parent’s estate sale. Things of value to them were not others. It highlights the difference in true value between things and memories. Nicely told – loved the twist. Was mom really there or was he in touch with the afterworld? Hmmm….

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