Downer Abbey – Flash Fiction For 8/23/13

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Photo Copyright Claire Fuller

Photo Copyright Claire Fuller

Three sisters are gathered in the great hall.

Lady Mary:  Can you believe you have to have a penis to inherit this drafty old barn?

Lady Edith: Grow bollocks or commit incest with a cousin. Hobson’s bloody choice.

Lady Sybil:  Don’t forget birth order. Both of you are ahead of me.

Lady Mary:  It’s all knackered. Why should a wormy piece of flesh mean so much?

Lady Edith:  Nothing is more disgusting and smelly. Blimey.

Lady Sybil:  You’ve seen one?

Lady Edith:  No, but mother says father’s . . .

Lady Mary:  Oh, Edith, she’s only seen it three times.

22 responses to “Downer Abbey – Flash Fiction For 8/23/13

  1. So” twas worth nout but bobbins” .poor Queen. I shall go and try to mop the coffee off of my keyboard now. You are brilliant!

  2. Very funny. But I’m not sure ladies Edith and Mary should know quite so much about it. What do they get up to between takes?

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