The Giant Bee – Flash Fiction For 8/2/13

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Photo copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Photo copyright Jennifer Pendergast

A man was driving by a farmer’s field when he was amazed to see a gigantic bee big as his car. Soon he came to the farmhouse and the farmer was sitting out on the front porch. He stopped to talk to him.

“Is that your giant bee I saw?”

“Shore nuff is.”

“Where’d it come from?”

“Well, we always loved honey on our biscuits, but we’ve always run out before the winter’s over, so I bred the giant bee to produce lots of honey.”

“That’s incredible. How’s the honey?”

“Never tasted it. Afraid to go anywhere near that hive.”

28 responses to “The Giant Bee – Flash Fiction For 8/2/13

  1. Dear Ron,

    This is the perfect tale. Reminds me of the deadpan Yankee whittling on the general store’s front porch. Ask him what the weather will be like in the next few days and he says, ‘Hard tellin’, not knowin’. Loved it.



  2. You made me laugh as usual. Thank you. 🙂 I think you could save a word by dropping ‘gigantic’ because you give us ‘gigantic’ via the image of a bee as big as a car. An image is always more effective than an adjective, I think. 🙂

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