Rain On The Ocean – Flash Fiction for 7/26/13

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Photo copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy

Photo copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy


The beach is empty. Clouds blanket the ocean; rain stipples the waves. A warm rain, but I shiver. The searchers have given up. Everyone has gone home.

It was glorious that afternoon, the last day of our vacation, the sand crowded with sun seekers. Tanned and relaxed, she wished she could stay. She went swimming while I dozed. I dreamed of rain on the ocean. When I awoke she was gone.

The water is dark in the gray light. A rogue wave barrels ashore knocking me to my knees. When it recedes, something gleams in the sand, a wedding ring.

26 responses to “Rain On The Ocean – Flash Fiction for 7/26/13

  1. You got me with this. I said out loud, “Oh, wow…” at the realization of who she was, and what she did. Taking her ring off then setting herself into the surf to drift out into the ocean is an intense picture of sorrow and resolve. You’ve create a deep sense of backstory as well. Excellent piece.
    I will be looking forward to your next entry.


  2. Your story first describes a bleak setting — and then that last image is startling in it’s precision, that here’s just a part of his missing wife. Wow. Powerful writing, man.

  3. I think she ran off with a handsome young beach bum to fulfill a life-long fantasy.
    I like the way you used the weather to reflect mood swings. Excellent writing, Ron.

  4. Very sad, Ron. I thought of death, too, when I look at these clouds, or is it life beyond death? I like the dream of rain on the ocean, and of course, the magical ending. So well crafted!

  5. Dear Ron,

    This is an awesome story. I read it once and my jaw dropped. Read it again and was flabbergasted by the sadness you evoked. The sense of loss is palpable and the ending hit like a shore-breaking wave at Sandy beach on Oahu, hard and heavy. Loved it.



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