The Third Wheel – Flash Fiction For 7/19/13

Photo copyright Anelephantcant

Photo copyright Anelephantcant

I found her bike parked outside the open-air bar and there she was with Bennett, drinking and laughing. They leaned close as I watched, sparks practically flying between them. At a distance I lurked, not believing my eyes. Just the day before, she had been warm and willing, no hint I would be dumped. They quickly downed two cocktails and walked off together into the dusk, leaving her bike. I got on it and pedaled in the opposite direction, pumping until I was exhausted, trying to drive her off my mind. Why do they always go back to their husbands?

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25 responses to “The Third Wheel – Flash Fiction For 7/19/13

  1. I am so happy for that twist. It’s always the poor husband or wife that gets hurt — it’s about time the would be homewrecker got theirs.

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