The Owl And The Goat – Flash Fiction for 7/10/13

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Photo copyright Andy Mazie

Photo copyright Andy Mazie

The Peace Corps in a third world country was a trip, but not as trippy as the letter from my friend back home. Inside, a small square of paper imprinted with an owl. I swallowed it remembering crazy college days. Hours later I was lost in a shantytown, standing in a cemetery, a goat staring curiously.

“I love you,” said the goat, who morphed into a beautiful woman.

“I love you too,” I answered, surprised that I meant it.

“Let’s go somewhere private,” said the goat-woman.

“I’m lost,” I said.

“You got that right,” she said, pulling out the knife.

28 responses to “The Owl And The Goat – Flash Fiction for 7/10/13

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  2. Great story. I was trippin’ there with you till the shiv got pulled, and I realized that it had become a bum trip, so I rolled everything back to where it read “I’m lost”, and then I saw Alice who took me to see a web-footed goat man who brought me down alongside a smoking hookah caterpillar who was giving me a call, and so i answered, and now here I am. I’m no bleating heart. Cool stuff though. Want some?

    Thanks for the fun trip, Ron.

  3. Sounds like the ultimate bad trip. Coming to in a shantytown cemetery in a third world country is trouble enough but to meet up with a knife-wielding goat woman–that scenario would push anyone over the edge. Good imagination, Ron, (or true story?).

  4. I burst out laughing! Excellent, Ron! Good to see you again, too!

    Reminds me of the old Freddie Prize routine where he says his buddies recognize him in the street.

    “Hey, Freddie Prinze! Good to see you. You making money now, Huh? Stick ’em up!”

  5. Dear Ron,

    Great to see you again. I loved this story for it’s realisma and its nod to Owlsley and the wide dangerous world we live in. You wrote it with authority and I read it with joy.



  6. That was fantastic, Ron – the muse was definitely with you. Yup, like above, I loved the owl metaphor and you must have lived to tell the tale – hopefully escaping through that hole in the fence I made…

  7. Great to see you back Ron. I didn’t see that end coming – there was a cool trippy feel to the piece up until that point.

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