You Might Be A Misanthrope

You Might Be A Misanthrope



Unsure whether you qualify for the label of misanthrope? Here are a few clues. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you might be a misanthrope.

Do you prefer to go through the self-check at the supermarket?

If you have a  cell phone, is it turned off  most of the time?

Did you miss your high school reunion?

Do you live in a small cabin far from town?

Is you best friend a dog, cat, bird or fish?

Do you seldom visit social networking sites?

Do you rarely get email from actual humans?

Do you read a lot?

Is your phone a land line?

Do you go to the mailbox weekly?

Now add up the number of times you answered yes and refer to the Pruitt scale of misanthropy below to see just how much you hate your fellow human beings.

1-3   Almost normal, just mildly irritated

4-6   Abnormal, curmudgeonly

7-8…Hostile loner

9-10.. Unabomber


5 responses to “You Might Be A Misanthrope

  1. Hey, Ron. Guess I’m more sociable than I thought. Wait, need to check my cell phone for texts. Supermarkets? hate them. Missing you in the Friday Fictioneers corner.



  2. I answered with “Yes” to the 8 of the 10 questions, but I think I am really close to being a Unabomber. Similar IQ and precocity, similar childhood abuse, similar academic injustice … yet I have decided to apply the violence inwards rather than outwards (to society). Just searching for the right method …

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