Horse Sense – Flash Fiction for 3/22/13

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Genre: Vintage Sitcom

Photo Copyright Douglas MacIlroy

Photo Copyright Douglas MacIlroy

“Ed, what are you doing?”

“Hey, Wilbur, watering this magic apple tree I just planted.”

“Magic apple tree?”

“Yeah, in a week we’ll have big ripe apples.”

“Where did you get this magic apple tree?”

“From some wandering guy named Johnny Appletree. He didn’t want to trade for the seed, but I talked him into it.”

“You traded for . . .”

“The cow. I never liked her anyway.”

“Mr. Ed, you’ve been scammed.”

“You mean like when you told me that being gelded wouldn’t hurt?”

“Not exactly. You’ve been cheated.”

“Wilbur, you don’t understand horse sense. Look, it’s sprouting!”

29 responses to “Horse Sense – Flash Fiction for 3/22/13

  1. What fun to mix Mr. Ed, Johnny Appleseed, and a touch of Jack and the Beanstalk (at least that’s what I thought about with the magic apple tree). I’m imagining the tree growing all the way up to the clouds, heavy with lots of delicious apples.

  2. Ha. Well done. Loved the magical apple, Johnny Appleseed, trading the cow, etc. Maybe you should write children’s picture books like me! And we both mentioned Mr. Ed.

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