Catching Up With Holden – Flash Fiction for 3/15/13

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Genre: Parody

Photo copyright Lora Mitchell

Photo copyright Lora Mitchell

Yeah, I’m in the penthouse, so right away you think I’m a phony, a socialite, a Gotham creature. Wrong. I hate it. My ex-wife Jane Gallagher left it to me when she died  last month.  Now I’m stuck with it. Before you judge me, consider, I’m 81, Phoebe died of cancer when she was 36, Sally Hayes got hit by a bus in 1968. Stradlater and Ackley got old and died. Even J.D. is gone. It’s just me left, looking out at these lights I know are supposed to be pretty, but they’re crap. I’d rather be at the Edmont.

27 responses to “Catching Up With Holden – Flash Fiction for 3/15/13

  1. Dear Ron,
    I’ll admit to my ignorance of the literary references. I’m catching up on those classics I never read. However the poignant tone of your piece did not escape me. Great tone and pacing. Well done.

  2. Howdy Ron ~ Taking a few minutes to read a few FFers today (will read more later today and tomorrow). So that’s how Holden ends up… sad, lonely and bitter. But let’s look at it on the positive side…at least he’s still in the penthouse with a gorgeous view… and not a veggie, drooling and drugged up in a horrible nursing home.

  3. Of course he would rather be at the Edmont, he really would! Shame he hasn’t really moved on after all these years. Looks like that Psychoanalyst never helped him at all. Great post! 🙂

  4. I’m afraid the literary stuff passed me by a bit – it’s a long time since I read the Catcher in the Rye. As a consequence, the names felt a bit crow-barred in, while the rest of the voice was strong.

    • The Edmont is the sleazy hotel where Holden Caulfield stays in New York in Catcher In The Rye. The other names are characters in the book, except for J.D. and that’s a not very subtle reference to Salinger. OK, to all who suffered through this piece and found it way too obscure, as George Bush said, I may have misunderestimated. I thought Catcher In The Rye was a book that almost everyone would have read and remembered. I may have been wrong about that. Reading taste, who can account for that? But to those of you who found Catcher part of your formative life experience, hope you got and enjoyed it. Ron

  5. Classic. I tell you, we must be living in parallel universes (if I believed in such things). I mentioned Holden in a post this week as well. It’s in a piece about modern re-workings of classics, such as “Catch-Her in the Rye (and kill her)”.

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