The Mistress – Flash Fiction For 2/1/13

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Photo copyright Claire Fuller

Photo copyright Claire Fuller

“Drinking alone, I see,” said the Roman judge to his mistress.

She filled his chalice. He gulped it.

“I’m celebrating completing  my sculpture.”

He looked appraisingly.

“A passable likeness of yourself, but I’m ugly, instead of handsome.”

“I carved you the way I see you.”

“Vindictive wench, I have enough troubles. The city rages over this Nazarene carpenter I sent to Calvary.”

Suddenly, he clutched his stomach and fell to his knees.

“The wine . . . I am betrayed. You, a Christian?”

She lifted the statue and smashed his head.

“Nay.  An eye for an eye. I’m Old Testament.”


41 responses to “The Mistress – Flash Fiction For 2/1/13

  1. Interesting alternative to the mythological interpretations of some–Good revenge story, Ron. She not only poisoned the judge, but she beaned him as well. That ought to do the job.

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