Firefall – Flash Fiction for 1/4/13

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Photo copyright Lora Mitchell

Photo copyright Lora Mitchell

The holidays are lonely when you’re alone. When New Year’s Eve arrived, I joined the crowd gathered by the water for the fireworks. Bright pinwheels of pyrotechnics festooned the heavens, drawing oohs and aahs. Explosions cracked, boomed and rumbled. Cordite wisped on the breeze.

Then someone stood beside me. In a strobe-like flash from a glittery burst, I recognized the girl from Starbuck’s. We’d talked briefly a couple of times, friendly banter.

When the countdown hit zero, she turned to me and we kissed, her lips warm and soft. The fireworks inside me dwarfed the ones in the sky.


28 responses to “Firefall – Flash Fiction for 1/4/13

  1. awwww that’s so lovely.. what’s even more lovely is the idea that people could find romance so easily..that would’ve been the perfect first date!

  2. “Lonely when you’re alone” in the first line is a bet repetitive. Otherwise, I loved it. You’ve composed a very sweet story with a great flow and vibrant descriptions of the sights, sounds, and emotions.

  3. if you are ever looking to cut words, here’s an example of what i do: pinwheels of pyrotechnics…” i look for words like “of” and then re-order things. so instead of “pinwheels of pyrotechnics” i write “pyrotechnic pinwheels.” but you didn’t need to cut words, so it’s all good. and i’m jealous of this NYE experience!

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