Let Them Eat Cake – Flash Fiction for 12/28/12

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Photo copyright Jean L. Hays

Photo copyright Jean L. Hays

I’m sitting in Cake Man Raven in Brooklyn eating a $7 slice of red velvet cake. I try to eat slowly, savoring every bite, but it’s too rich, delicious, delectable. I gobble. I scarf. I lick the plate. I don’t care what people think. I order another slice.

On my last birthday, a friend suggested it. “Go, they’ll give you a free slice of the best cake you’ll ever taste.”

Now I can’t stop. I’ve gained forty pounds. I waddle. It takes all my willpower to walk for the door.

The baker smiles at me. He knows I’m coming back.

28 responses to “Let Them Eat Cake – Flash Fiction for 12/28/12

  1. I’m chucking as I type, Ron. At $7 a piece, I know I wouldn’t be getting fat, I’m too cheap!! Your story makes me think of the cupcake craze which I don’t understand either. I’m not that into cake, I guess, to pay $3+ for a cupcake.

  2. Hey, Ron! 40 pounds since your last birthday? That’s not so bad. Of course, I’d prefer to do it with wine rather than cake. But then I’d be 40 pounds heavier and drunk. So, never mind. But I did enjoy your 100 words!

  3. Ron,
    I paid six bucks for a hot chocolate the the other day….I mean it was Godiva…you know made by the cute girl…shaved, melted, mixed and well…hot. Sounds like a deal for seven..I’d lick that plate as well if the first one was free… Good job….

    P.S. I had a bar fight at the Fulton Pub just off Main Street.


  4. I try to watch my diet. I try to stay healthy. I avoid greasy gravy. I prefer subway sandwiches over pizzas.
    But… a cake I cannot avoid, no sir. I walk into a bakery and that’s it. I arrive with a vengeance! Oh, but I have a cup of green tea after that. lol
    Loved your story. It’s yummy! 🙂

    • Didn’t mean to sound like the story was only “good” while the details were “great”. It’s great all around. Wow, I’m off to a great communication start this new year!

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