Aloha – Flash Fiction for 12/14/12

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Copyright Douglas MacIlroy

Copyright Douglas MacIlroy

“What’s that thing?” asked Doug’s girlfriend.

“A model of the planet Aloha.”


“Yeah, it’s where my sci-fi novel happens. It’s a world where evil surfers enslave young girls on pineapple plantations. Sort of like Hawaii.”

“Sounds dark and . . . gnarly.”

“There’s romance too. A hula girl falls for an old submarine captain and he rescues her from the surfers.”

“How could an old guy defeat all those young buff surfers?”

“He has a laser-guided Frisbee loaded with toxic poi.”

“That reminds me. Are you coming to the luau tonight?”

“Can’t. Too many Friday Fictioneer stories to read.”

29 responses to “Aloha – Flash Fiction for 12/14/12

  1. I think Dr. Douglas need some henchmen and I’m here to sign up. Someone needs to look after the girls while he’s busy defeating those buff young surfers.

  2. you’re right, lots to read for sure. i mean “fer shur.” well done incorporating a few personal pokes in there too. i’m sure he appreciated it.

  3. Dear Ron,

    Me thinks you’ve been partaking of too much toxic poi. I got a great laugh out of this story and bid you a fond farewell from the planet Aloha.

    Sincerely, still giggling,


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