Doors – Flash Fiction for 12/7/12

Copyright Rich Voza

Copyright Rich Voza

This wing was simply called THE PAST. The first door opened to dinosaurs and tree ferns. Inside the next room, Neanderthals roasting an animal over a fire. More doors, more scenes. The pyramids being built, Roman armies, the Spanish Inquisition, Pilgrims, Valley Forge, a Civil War battle, the Wright brothers flight, flappers, Okies fleeing the dust bowl, Iwo Jima, a nuclear explosion, Kennedy shot, man on the moon, Viet Nam, the space shuttle, New Orleans underwater.

The door at the end was signed THE FUTURE. It opened to vast, barren, dead landscape stretching as far as the eye could see.

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32 responses to “Doors – Flash Fiction for 12/7/12

  1. Creative interpretation of the photo prompt, well done. But, oh, how sad. What if the view from the last door could change every day, depending on our collective actions? (Hmmm…. I guess that would be a longer story.)

  2. Now that’s a unique way of having someone’s life (and everyone else’s at the same time) pass before his eyes. I liked the history behind the doors. This person’s future looks a little bleak though.
    Nice, Ron,

  3. It would be cool to have a time-travel hall like that. Kind of like C.S. Lewis’ “wood between the worlds” but for times. So, are we all dead in the future, or is it only because the future is inherently unknowable. Very interesting ideas.

  4. aww crap. that was NOT what i was hoping for! i like the idea of being in that position. i wonder if i would open it? would you open it? good stories bring questions, sometimes answers are not possible. well done.

  5. I’m torn between seeing this as a warning and a blank slate for a future not yet created. I hope it’s the latter – I like to think the future is not yet written.

  6. I like your take on the picture. I’m glad I wait till I post mine to read everyone’s. Hoping the look to the future means we have a chance to change it.

  7. What a cool place. But can we change what is seen through the door of the future? Rather bleak. I was laughing so hard at Tom Poet’s comment I couldn’t make my own for quite some time.

  8. A museum with a wing dedicated to the future. That could hold many ideas and inventions. This building has held a lot of secrets and been re-purposed many different ways, by the look of this week’s stories.

  9. What about the Spanish Inquisition? Also, I’m interested in the room where they legalized marijuana in Colorado. Are they across the hall?

  10. Clearly the apocalypse is imminent! Why am I so excited?
    I had an idea for a novel like this once, where we learned to access the past, but then someone tried to access the future, and discovered it was a wasteland. Very humbling.

  11. With man’s penchant for exploration, your door may show Earth after man has left to start fresh on a new planet. Now there’s “Change” for you….Good story, Ron!

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