The Homeless Man – Flash Fiction for 11/30/12

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Photo Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The disheveled homeless man on the street looked familiar. When recognition dawned, it hit me hard.

“Kris, is that really you?”

“I’m afraid it is.”

“What happened?”

“Long story. Homeland Security arrested me at the border. Lost the place up north to foreclosure. The wife ran off, elves went on strike, and PETA took the reindeer.”

“That’s terrible. What are you doing now?”

“Ringing a bell in front of Walmart. Seven dollars an hour. Better than working for milk and cookies.”

“But who’s going to deliver the gifts to the children?”

“Not to worry. It’s all privatized. Big brown truck.”

34 responses to “The Homeless Man – Flash Fiction for 11/30/12

  1. Good one, Ron (although not for Kris.) I guess he should have joined the union. Love your PETA remark!! I just hope UPS doesn’t try to come down the chimney, especially in the truck. (Could be hard on the roof, too.)

  2. Dear Ron,

    A perfect story for the bleak nature of that photo. I like that through it all Kris remains upbeat and continues to look ahead. A little retraining and he can get a job with the new delevery company, rise to the top and resume his old position in warmer headquarters.



  3. Brilliant! Truly exceptional – what wonderful satire, uncovered step by step, laugh by laugh, until the last l…well…its not that funny…its serious – the references are sheer briliiance.

  4. In my neck of the woods PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. The thought of kids sitting on the lap of a man wearing brown shorts is a little unnerving. “Here comes UPS, here comes UPS, right down UPS lane.” The good news is we can track the packages on the internet.

  5. Coming from a country were we eat reindeer.. I can think of better uses of Rudolph, a brown delivery truck makes sense.

    I can recommend smoked heart of reindeer, very tasty.

  6. Had a little trouble coming up with a comment after reading about Bjorn’s smoked heart of reindeer (above). Good story, pace and dialogue, Ron–sad for us kiddies, though–we’ll miss the old guy!

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