The Muse – Flash Fiction for 11/23/12

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Photo copyright Joyce Johnson

“What are you doing?” said Thalia. “You’ve been sitting there at the computer motionless for an hour.”

“Trying to write this week’s flash fiction. This photo prompt’s tough and I’m just not inspired.”

“So why don’t you just skip it this week?”

“Can’t do that. I’m addicted.”

“Addicted? Like to a drug?”

“It’s ridiculous how important it is to me. Don’t understand it myself.”

“Writers are a strange bunch, creative but nerdy.”

I looked over at her. She was wearing the black negligee.

“I’ll be in the bedroom if you ever get it done.”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.”


34 responses to “The Muse – Flash Fiction for 11/23/12

  1. Wow, Ron. This guy’s severely addicted!!!! Yep, we are joined at the hip this week. It’s one of the hardest prompts I’ve encountered and I’ve no one to blame but myself. How rude is that?
    In any case, glad you’re part of this family.

  2. LOL, I think it’s the addiction to a challenge that keeps me chasing after the 100-word mirage each week. I got a laugh at how quickly your man got the story on once the muse showed up in a black negligee’.

  3. That’s when I stop writing…saying “five minutes” when she is dressed in a negligee is like saying “you’re average baby”..”I’m kinda bored with ya” ..or “we have been together too long”…. You better get to tapping that ass fast….that’s all I’m saying!

  4. Quite a-musing, I think.

    But it’s fun waking up that black negligee’d woman 5 hours and 55 minutes later, is it not?

    But that another inspiring and addictive moment to write about – or is it just another Friday fiction.


  5. it didn’t take much to lure him away from his computer. But, must have worked. That was probably the fastest story he ever wrote, or maybe he left it hanging. Other more enticing things to do. 🙂

    • Hi Perry,
      Yes, I’m a perv, and that’s one of my good points. The connection is that in ancient Greece, Thalia was a muse and a bearer of the comic mask of theater. That’s what the face looked like to me. Apparently none of the Fictioneers picked up on that. As for incentive, well, we celibates can dream can’t we? Thanks for your comment and I always look forward to your stories. Ron

  6. My original comment was rewritten when I read your answer to Perry Block. All of a sudden the black negligee was topped by the face in the photo and I figured five minutes was not long enough to respond to that invitation.

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