The Ice Storm – Flash Fiction for 11/9/12

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Photo copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Buzz stepped out of his cabin into an icy glaze. Nobody about, perfect weather for what he was doing. He hiked toward the lake, leaving no tracks on frozen ground. The lakeside chalet was dark just as he’d thought. City people came only in the summer. Last winter he’d ripped off enough guns to keep him solvent a month. This time, he found the same window unlocked. City people were foolish. Ice coated the window and he couldn’t see the string that led to the shotgun trigger. When he pushed the window open, the blast hit him in the face.

31 responses to “The Ice Storm – Flash Fiction for 11/9/12

  1. I think you gave away a little too much at the end, Ron. If he doesn’t die from the blast he’ll probably sue the owners for booby trapping the place. Knowing our court system, he’d win too.

    • I agree, Russell. I had a hard time coming up with a story this week and didn’t have as much time to revise and think about it as I usually do. I would change the ending so it’s not so dead on, no pun intended. But, as Billy Bob says in Bad Santa, they can’t all be winners. And I learned from it , so that’s good. Thanks for your honesty. Ron

  2. Never underestimate your opponent. Living in the country can be very frustrating–Darn City folks have all the power. All kinds of morals for this story are popping into my head.

    • Thought I might add that it’s not a window at MY place, just one I know of . It’s there for the same reasons as in your story. Someone got tired of someone constantly breaking in to steal from them. i think they even clearly marked on the building that the premises were now “protected”. As far as I know the gun hasn’t gone off so it must have been effective.

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