The Shrine – Flash Fiction for 9/28/12

Photo courtesy Sandra Crook

The middle aged man came to the shrine seeking purification. At the spiritual vortex, the kami were everywhere, residing in the gray boulders, the leafed-out trees, the very air. He began the Omairi ritual by bowing twice before the shrine and clapping twice. He laid out an offering of fish, rice wine and salt. Then he prayed. Afterward he meditated. His concentration was broken by the sound of a jetliner flying across the sky. He trembled and looked up to see the same kind of aircraft he’d serviced that fateful day, the plane that had crashed killing everyone on board.

If you would like to come out and play with Madison Woods and the Friday Fictioneers, click here and follow the instructions.


31 responses to “The Shrine – Flash Fiction for 9/28/12

  1. Very moving. Having worked in the aviation business, I know that after an accident, the mechanics take it very hard. And you have set the stage for atonement. Nice job.

    Thanks for the comment on mine. –Maggie

  2. Dear Ron,

    Your story this week was a well wrought lament for the man and the souls that rode the plane he worked on. The connection, once made, will stay with your readers pretty much forever. Well done.



  3. That poor man must have dealt with a horrible guilt thinking he was at fault for the passengers deaths, and no amount of sacrifice or prayer to the shrine could give him comfort. I think he was praying to the wrong God. A very good story, Ron.

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