Crazy Eight – Flash fiction for 9/14/12

Photo courtexy Rochelle Wishoff Fields

Yeah, I did that. Thanks, I think it’s beautiful too. Yeah, I’m the one they call Crazy Eight. You think Spiderman’s cool? Meet the real thing. You’re right, it’s a great engineering feat, plus it’s deadly if you’re a flying insect. I average about a half dozen flies a day, a couple of moths, and some big old beetles. Makes the ladies go wild for me. I’m dating a big, beautiful, silky black widow and tonight I think we might be ready to take our relationship to the next level. After, I’m hoping she’ll ask me to stay for dinner.

If you would like to come out and play with Madison Woods and the Friday Fictioneers, click here and follow the instructions.

13 responses to “Crazy Eight – Flash fiction for 9/14/12

  1. He sounds very proud of his achievements, let’s hope the Black Widow doesn’t take advantage of his over confidence!
    I really liked this take on the prompt.

  2. Loved your Cialis comment on mine, Ron. I think you’re spider has already taken a double-dose and is about to lose his head over a pretty lady. They don’t call ’em WIDOWS for nothing.

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