4 responses to “Childhood homes of Romney, Ryan, Biden, Obama

      • Hi Mikaela,

        I got a laugh out of your second message, presumably after you’d done a little research on Ryan. The American Presidential election in November is whipping up a lot of passions these days. I confess I don’t follow British politics as much as I should, but I was proud of Obama recently when he talked about Romney’s comments about the Olympics being offensive, to “our closest ally.” So, glad you have you guys as our closest ally. Thanks for all the interest and coments. Friday Fictioneers tomorrow! Ron

      • I’m completely out of the loop in all politics just now. The Netherlands held their elections yesterday, but I haven’t the first clue what any of the parties are about and I can’t vote anyway. The next vote I’m looking forward to participating in is the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014.

        I just read about the Olympic comments. That was quite a foot in mouth moment! To be fair though, they were all threatening to strike and some of our media wasn’t very enthusiastic in the Olympic build up years (but to ACTUALLY say it, in London, when you’re about to meet The British Prime Minister? Sheesh!).

        See you tomorrow!

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