Life On Mars – Flash Fiction for 8/17/12

Photo courtesy Lura Helms

In the control room, NASA engineers were transfixed by the startling image from the Mars Rover, the horned skull of an animal with a tree growing around it.

The bio specialist opened her microphone and spoke.

“Advanced animal life, and fairly recent.”

She commanded the Rover to extract a bone sample and do an analysis. In seconds, it beamed back the results.

“This skull is less than five years old,” said the bio specialist. “Amazing.”

A deafening metallic screech blasted from the audio and the image jerked sideways. A thunderous growl and then the image flipped upside-down and went dark.

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11 responses to “Life On Mars – Flash Fiction for 8/17/12

  1. Ron, that is a good story with a different angle, and slant. I should link your site to send to my brother. His name is Ron, too. He works for NASA and lives in Titusville, Fla. He is one of the very last employees to still be able to keep his job with them until the last and final layoffs begin again in Nov. and finish up by Jan. 1, 2013, then he has to find a new job. He has loved working for NASA as a computer tech specialist in communications and has rewarded my sisters and I with wonderful and beautiful NASA shots and pictures through the years of their shuttle lift offs, space pictures and all kinds of things sent through his e-mails. He’s been with them for about 17 yrs. so will greatly miss all of the years spent with them, but NASA is coming to a slow and sad ending of an awesome era.

  2. I suspect the scientists were as thrilled with the image of the tree as they were with the five-year-old animal life (which it looks like the Martian residents want to keep secret).

  3. I do wonder what would happen if we found substantial life signs on Mars with any of these probes. You’ve given us a hint here, Ron, and I think maybe we should pull back our probes now just in case.

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