The Dare – Flash Fiction for 8/3/12

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Photo courtesy Madison Woods

“I dare you to eat one.”

“No way.”

That was typical, my girlfriend, always taunting me. It was afternoon in the deep woods, and we were looking at some strange, disgusting fungi.

“I’ll set you up with Ashley.”

Her best friend had caught my eye, it’s true.

I plucked a slimy, bulging, yellow globule and popped it in my mouth and chewed mechanically. It tasted like cardboard and raw eggs. I forced it down.

“All gone.” I opened my mouth wide. “Now, about that hook-up.”

“You’ll be seeing Ashley very soon. She ate one of those this morning. She’s dead.”

19 responses to “The Dare – Flash Fiction for 8/3/12

  1. Your dare turned out to be way more sinister than mine. I can’t help but wonder why his girlfriend is setting him up with other girls, and more importantly, why he was stupid enough to accept the offer.

  2. What?!? I totally didn’t see that coming. Dang. Never eat something gross just for a hook up; you’ll end up dead…

    Nicely done.

  3. The clue early on–girlfriend offering to set you up with her best friend–threw up a warning flag. Unfortunately, we men often think with an organ other than our brain and it usually gets us into trouble. This time it was fatal. Great writing.

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