Dog Days – Flash Fiction for 3/16/12

Photo courtesy Madison Woods

When Wes dumped Bobbie, her world crashed. To Bobbie, he was the one. She lay on the couch, watched soaps and ate ice cream for days, but the pain didn’t go away.

She’d never told Wes she was a shifter. When a speckled dog with love and longing in her eyes showed up at his house, he resisted at first, but she wore him down after a few days.

For Bobbie, it was heavenly, snuggling in bed with him every night, going for long walks in the woods, having his hands in her hair.

Then that damned cat showed up.

34 responses to “Dog Days – Flash Fiction for 3/16/12

    • Hi Shirley,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. My specialty is U.S. Southern fiction, but when it comes to writing flash fiction from a prompt, you take the best idea you can generate. I love reading all the different interpretations too. What’s your speciality?

  1. Dear Ron,

    This was a smooth and seamless story with a great last line that hints of riotous action in the future. Very well done. Had me wondering how she would shift back and whether things would work out. All was proceeding apace until the cat showed up. Beautiful.



  2. Haha, I wish I had thought of writing a shifter story for this one. That was good Ron. The humor twist surprised me.

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