The Ritual – Flash Fiction for 3/2/12

Photo courtesy of Madison Woods

The sacred ritual required jewels. All the old books said so. Without them, the magic wouldn’t work.

The jewels arrived as the moon waxed full. To the priestess, it was an omen. She summoned the sisterhood.

The skinny girl stood by the off ramp holding a cardboard sign that read “Homeless and Hungry.” It only took the promise of a hot meal and a warm place to sleep to get her into the car.

They gathered at twilight in the clearing. The girl had been scrubbed, sedated and dressed in a white smock. Everything was in place for the sacrifice.

28 responses to “The Ritual – Flash Fiction for 3/2/12

  1. Dear Ron,

    QVC would be horrified if they knew. Then again, maybe they’d quietly open a new marketing campaign. I have to wonder about the deity they’re sacrificing the girl to (and why is it always a girl? Don’t answer that).

    Is it legal to have all of your work done and ready to go like you do? I’ve still got five hours to go until it’s Friday! Oh, well…



    • Madison is actually the newest hawker for QVC. You’ll be seeing her paired with Marie Osmond soon on your local cable outlet.
      About posting early: You’re in Hawaii, my blog host is in England, and I’m in Arkansas, so, as Einstein says, time is relative. I don’t post the link on Madison’s blog until Friday morning. You are rewarded with an early view because you follow my blog.

      Happy wordplay!


  2. A very intriguing beginning to a story I want to read more of. And, I hope that poor skinny girl suddenly gets a surge of courage to fight her way out of her mess. Or, perhaps a knight in shining armor enters the scene? Dark, but very good!

  3. A wonderful tale Ron. I liked the way it flowed so effortlessly from the collection of the jewels for the ceremony to the cleansing of the human sacrifice. A lot of story in just 100 words.

  4. Ugh… I think the comments have covered it, but I’m just shaking my head for that girl and wondering a little, like Doug — why is it always a girl?

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. No mention of virginity here. Is that not a prerequisite in this day and age? Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

    One suggestion – delete the last three words. That leaves the ending open for speculation (or not). Overall, I loved the story.

    Russell – http//

  6. I hate to say it, but this gave me the creeps. It hits too close to home because we read about this every day. Another poor desperate, vulnerable girl…probably a drug-addicted hooker who gets into the car, hoping for a little money to feed her habit and ends up dead…not sacrificed, but in a dirty, gutter ditch.
    Kudos to you for making your story real enough to evoke such upset in me. Well, done. Here’s mine:

  7. Quite a tragic tale when it comes to the poor, skinny homeless girl. All she wanted was food and shelter, she probably didn’t deserve such an awful fate!
    It leaves me wondering who this ‘sisterhood’ is and who are they sacrificing to? Why is a sacrifice necessary?
    There’s more to this story than meets the eye…

  8. A pretty desperate act on both parts – both the sisterhood and the homeless girl seem to have been reaching at straws. Jeesh. They’re just lucky I’m not the goddess they’re sacrificing to 😉

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