A Walk In TheWoods – Flash Fiction for 2/10/12

A Walk In The Woods

Old Red had gone into these woods and hadn’t come out. The Cherokee feared the worst. These woodlands were thick with bear, cougar and bobcat.

He found a good print on a game trail and tracked the dog deeper into the wilderness. When Old Red left the path, it was harder. In the leaf litter, there was not much sign.

Then he saw the mushroom, the broken stem pointing like a compass needle. He walked slowly and other signs appeared, bent blades of grass, an overturned stone.

But no dog. Exhausted, he headed home, and waiting there was Old Red.


16 responses to “A Walk In TheWoods – Flash Fiction for 2/10/12

  1. I am so glad you did that! Last week we lost Rascal, but this week we found Old Red.
    That was a neat trick, as I had no idea The Cherokee was hunting an old dog. Very good detail of tracking also.
    So good on you!

  2. hurray! A happy ending is just what I needed today, and I know the Cherokee feels a bit disgruntled, but I’m so glad he searched for Old Red. 🙂 And as Lindaura says, great tracking details.

  3. Never underestimate canine navigatory prowess. I used to walk my dog in the fields near my old school, and me and my friends would sometimes try to get him lost, throwing a ball for him then running away and hiding. He found us every time. Years later the Mythbusters would try to do the same thing. I could’ve saved them a lot of time and resources.

    Here’s my entry:

  4. Very strong voice in this one, and I loved it. Also liked the broken mushroom pointing like a compass needle, lol, that’s what I saw in it, too and is what gave me the tracking idea. Great story!

  5. Loved this. lol. Just like Old Red to be waiting at home. I bet his tail was wagging overtime and had a smirk on his face, knowing he sent his owner, Cherokee on a wild, goose chase. That broken mushroom’s compass needle should have been the clue and cue to go on home. Nice work. Looking forward to reading more from you. Here’s mine:
    http://www.triplemoonstar.blogspot.com. Lora 🙂

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