Sky High – Flash Fiction for 2/3/12


It was the first of the month so Earl and Linda made the  rounds of the pharmacies gathering the “eggs.” With ten packs of Sudafed and five gallons of Coleman lantern fuel, they headed home to their trailer, perched on a wooded  ridge

Earl got the cook going while Linda ripped striker panels from matchbooks. When the lantern fluid bubbled on the propane burner, Earl added the decongestant and the phosphorous.

The earthquake was only a 4.4, but it was enough to slop boiling fluid onto the flame. When the trailer exploded, the sky burst into a fiery yellow glow.


26 responses to “Sky High – Flash Fiction for 2/3/12

  1. Their timing was a bit off. Poor meth-heads! I love how you used the photo prompt. I am guessing they are making meth at the beginning of the month to pay bills. A lot is conveyed here.
    Great post!

  2. I loved it! Earl and Linda. The Earl got me clued in right away and making the rounds of the pharmacies filled in the rest, but the suspense – because we already know what the result will be, was perfectly set up – because we didn’t know exactly how they were going to do it – and the the 4.4! Great!

  3. I could tell where you were going as soon as you said 10 packs of Sudafed but as Lindaura pointed out, it only added to the suspense. Fantastic job! Most original use of the prompt I’ve read so far.

  4. I’m assuming the beginning of the month is because that’s when they got their checks in. Very realistic story, Ron and well-written.

  5. Two days ago there was a fire down the street. I immediately assumed meth lab. Turned out it was cigarettes, but with all the aftershocks around here, and your story, I’m beginning to doubt the fire marshal.

  6. I must say I learned a lot with this piece. I always wondered how “meth” was made, not for any reason, of course, just curious. 🙂 So, it was fascinating to me, and as always, well-written!

  7. Must agree with everyone. This story was well written and a perfect use of the prompt. The sudafed expedition lets you know where we’re going but in no way subtracted from the perfect pacing and choice of words. Whoof, puff, boom! Loved it, loved it, loved it.

    9.2 on the Richter Scale.



  8. I actually thought of dragons until the explosion part blew my mind (intended word-play). Well done, read you in a few days 🙂


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