Allah Is Great- Flash Fiction for 1/20/12

Allah Is Great!


The air terminal in Wisconsin is big, modern and fancy. The Americans love putting up monuments to their wealth. Many of them stare at me and I hear someone call me a towel-head. It’s a racist country. They have everything, yet they are nothing. They look and smell like the pigs they eat.

I made it through security. They missed the plastic explosive in the bottom of my carry-on. I’m standing in the boarding line with the infidels who will die gloriously. An hour from now I will be in paradise with my virgins.

Death to America!

Allah is great!

21 responses to “Allah Is Great- Flash Fiction for 1/20/12

  1. I hate to break this to your protagonist, but one of the virgins is Lard Boy’s sister. It may lead to the question, “just who’s heaven is this anyway?”

    Very well written piece. Good job!

    • Okay Ron,

      Excellent writing. Please read LupusAnthropos, get a job at the FBI, or see a shrink.

      Great piece also Lupus

  2. Very well written, but exceedingly horrible. Probably one of the worst horror stories I’ve read for a while. Good depiction of the other point of view. I have one nitpick. The Infidels should not die gloriously. They will die horribly and you will die gloriously. I don’t know how to rephrase it for your story, but for accuracy’s sake, it is how it should be.

  3. I don’t know what to think about this. On one hand, it has an accuracy to it that is undeniable. On another, it exists as a kind of caricature, both of the terrorist and of America – realising it is an attitude toward America, not an objective description. It also duplicates an image that I think already exists in the minds of most Americans, and of many people round the world, so I’m not sure what it adds to the thought.
    It is so very complex: you see a terrorist running off after a bomb blast wearing Nike shoes, jeans and a logo t-shirt then you see people protesting Nike for exploitive working conditions in 3rd world countries where American companies continue to move for cheaper labour… and so it goes, to quote Kurt Vonnegut.
    Your story was a succinct and well written description of that one little glimpse; don’t know what more you could do in 100 words.

  4. Chilling!
    It’s always fascinating to be in the mind of someone you least relate with when writing. I had done a piece on a serial killer once for a writing contest… It didn’t get selected, but I was damn proud of myself for the sheer dark stuff I wrote in it. Very unlike the person that I am. I wonder how the mind can perceive things we have never even seen forget experiencing! I think every human mind is an under-rated genius!

    I got very late in checking the stories this time. Been busy…
    I made two entries for this prompt…

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