Snow Kill – Flash Fiction for 1/6/12

It snowed last night and I killed my neighbor Wesley first thing this morning. Before sunrise, I crammed my feet into Trish’s Nikes, loaded her pink-handled .25 automatic and walked to his cabin. The dog went with me. Wesley lives nearby, so it only took a few minutes. I’ve been seething since summer, when I saw them cavorting naked. I shot him twice, chest and head. I tossed one of Trish’s cigarette butts on his porch, the gun in the yard, dialed 911 on Wesley’s cell, and tracked home and put her shoes by the bed where she still slept.

18 responses to “Snow Kill – Flash Fiction for 1/6/12

  1. This is fabulous. I love that you just go directly to it without trying to hide anything or reveal anything — it works this way and I think it’s not often enough that we take this direct route.

  2. A great read.
    So much tension built into so few words.
    It flowed so well – got a problem, deal with it effectively, put the blame on someone else – and all before breakfast at that.

  3. Dear Ron,

    That’s one of the best stories in this format that I’ve ever read. I found myself trying to find the holes in your protagonist’s plan that would lead to his undoing. Sucked in and loving it. Great job.



  4. Everyone else has already said how great that bullet-point approach went over. Loved it and got a good chuckle out of it. The first sentence was my favorite. Still chuckling 😉

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