Fly On The Walll

Funny creatures, these humans. The one I’m monitoring just ignited a fire out of some kind of dried plant material right by his mouth. Weird and dangerous. Most of the time, he seems to worship large lighted boxes which flash bright colors. Hunched over, he prays to the boxes many hours daily. Very strange. Humans move very slowly and they’re all sort of blob shaped and have only two legs and no wings. They must know they’re ugly because they keep their bodies concealed in textile materials nearly all the time. Buzzing off for now, your spy, Snoop McFlighty.

11 responses to “Fly On The Walll

  1. I like hearing the other side of the story, whether it’s arguments or points of view not often explored. Great story! Hope to see you back every week for Friday Fictioneers 🙂

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